Sports Bike Mechanic Workshop

Sports Bike Mechanic Workshop

Adam has just started his auto bike mechanic workshop to offer complete bike repair services. He is an expert sports bike mechanic and will love to overhaul your bike as per your wishes like car mechanic workshop. So bring your bike to his workshop and see how he makes it an amazing ride.

Now dare to dream your bike fully upgraded to the finest level. Give Adam a chance to repair, build and customize your dirt and heavy bikes. Along with dirt and luxury bikes, he is certified to perform various repair jobs like painting and customizing to the highest levels. All the repairing of heavy sports bike will done like car mechanic workshop and pit stop car mechanic.

Adam’s Skill Set
-Engine Overhaul Expert
-Headlights Expert
-Taillight Frame Fix Expert
-Vinyl Expert

Services Offered by Adam’s Service Station
-Oil Change
-Tire Puncture Services
-Bike Battery Services
-Tire Alignment Services

Adam is expert in repairing dirt, police and heavy bikes. His skill set includes complete overhauling of engine, fixing taillight frames and tire alignment just like army truck mechanic. So if you have a rusty and messy bike and wants to have a proper repair work, Adam’s bike garage will take car all the service it needs like service station, car washing and removing spot from the luxury bike. He will make your motorcycle amazing and beautiful. Adam also have a truck mechanic workshop next to this heavy bike mechanic workshop.

With fully repaired bike, and give bike wash at service station now go on an adventure and feel the fun times of long drive with your friends and dearest hubby.

Game Features
– Basic Bike Repairs of all Kinds
– Build, Repair, Detail and Customize
– 3D Mechanic Simulator
– Custom Bikes with Best Tools
– World-Class Mechanic in Action

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