Xtreme Truck Demolition Derby

Xtreme Truck Demolition Derby

Be an ultimate Xtreme Truck Demolition Derby racer and become the legendary demolition derby champion. Take your xtreme monster truck to the epic battle arena and forget about driving, racing and parking cars. Do petrol fumes fascinate you? Do you enjoy the real demolition derby carnage? It’s time to take your monster truck to the ultimate battle arena and be a brave driver in this action packed derby moto carnage game. Demolition Monster Truck Derby is an extreme truck driving simulator. Your responsibility as the xtreme monster truck demolition driver will be to demolish all the monster trucks & bumper cars that come in your way of glory. Be a brave monster truck driver and get the feel of dirt tracks on the wheels of these giant bumper cars & bumper truck vehicles.

Choose your xtreme truck and destroy the ATVs & bumper cars of the opponents. You will be thrown directly into the battle arena for the extreme bumper car destruction. The challenge for you will be to master the xtreme truck machine of steel and destroy all the vehicles & bumper cars that are there in the battle arena in the minimum amount of time, in order to be crowned as the national xtreme truck demolition champion. There are a number of tricks that can be used to destroy and demolish opponents bumper cars but you have to be careful while battling out with the derby car opponents about the health of your vehicle too.

This is not a racing arena but a death race battle arena for the bumper cars & demolition derby monster trucks. Be a brave monster truck demolition derby driver and make your way to the top by destroying all the bumper cars, derby car & truck opponents. This is a no rule arena all you have to do is to destroy the opponents using any means. If you are a lover of racing games, US army truck games, monster truck games, demolition derby games, xtreme monster truck games, bumper car games or fighting games. Then, Xtreme Truck Demolition Derby simulation game is the one you are looking for.

So download now and enjoy the ultimate truck demolition derby moto carnage game which is the hardest of all derby car battle arenas. Take the seat behind the steering wheel and become the ultimate xtreme truck demolition derby champion and show your superior driving skills to the world.

Xtreme Truck Demolition Derby Special Features:

• Intense high speed monster truck & bumper car racing action
• Real-time bumper car destruction & demolition and twist + crash physics engine
• Modify and recover your derby car & bumper cars by fitting upgrades
• Amazing visuals and compact performance on a wide range of devices
• Realistic car engine physics and debris simulation

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